You would never think that boarding sheep for friends would introduce you to a new hobby, but it did. I got, as a gift for caring for some show sheep one summer, a needlefelted doll holding a lamb and a bird. It was ME! What an adorable surprise!

I love that little doll and wondered how it was made. I know the wool used to make it came from the sheep I took care of, which made it even more special, but how did it come to be a doll?

I began researching "felting" on the internet and found there were groups, lists, websites, and many links on not only needle felting but wet felting. Wow, was I excited. I purchased some kits, needles, books, and band-aids and began needlefelting my first item.

I must mention I have absolutely no artistic skills that I know of. I can not even draw a stick man. But I am determined to learn this new art.

First I did a heart that I gave to my daughter. Then I tried a mouse. I thought I would try something else, so I ordered a bunny kit. After I did the bunny that turned out to look like a pooh, I decided this may not be such a good idea. I needed more help. Someone to talk to, people to look at my work and give me honest criticism. Feeling almost ready to give up I started to surf the web again.

I joined several lists and came upon TAG (Thread Artists Guild) where I found they had definitions for their members that measured their progression in their felting skills. I thought if I had a goal, it would keep me going and I would not be ready to pack it in before I gave it an honest try. So I joined and began working towards my goal to become a real honest to God fiber artist.

According to TAG I am an Apprentice. To progress I must make 25 creations that will be submitted and approved. I am still working on my first 25. By the way, I did not need any band-aids yet.

This blog will give me an opportunity to show my progress from the beginning to the end of this new journey.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Needlefelted Cardinal C2 by JB

This is the second Cardinal I have done for my project. I was curious to see the difference between the first and second. I was hoping I have improved. What do you think?

The first can be seen to the right (one of the Back Yard Bird Kit) along with the others.

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